Seeking a Head of Product and a Community Manager for a climate fintech startup

hi! I'm the founder of Intention, a pre-seed startup that is democratizing climate investment. We are making it possible for anyone to invest for both financial returns, and true climate impact.

Trillions of dollars will need to be invested to decarbonize the planet, resulting in the greatest wealth creation opportunity of our generation. The problem is that the actual climate impact will be created in private asset classes like climate tech venture capital and renewable energy infrastructure, and the best perfoming funds in those asset classes have historically been off limits to more than 98% of investors.

Now, if that makes your blood boil like it makes mine, please consider joining me in disrupting the status quo and making climate impact investment more inclusive. I'm looking for a Head of Product to oversee digital design and development of our investment platform, and a Community Manager to build and nurture a community of people who are interested in learning about climate impact investing. Feel free to click on the hyperlinks above to learn more about the roles and see how to apply.

What a phenomenal way to work within existing financial infrastructure towards a greener future - very smart. I'll keep an eye out if any product folks are looking for a role. Please let me know if you ever need design agency support, it would be a great mission to help with!