Building tools to help people get clarity on their next career step. Would love your input!

A startup I'm working with is beta launching some new tools all about helping people get clarity on their next career step. If this sounds up your alley, you can learn more HERE.

Hi Leya! Thank you for sharing, it feels very timely to launch Crew, with the current layoffs and the new year, I suspect a lot of people will be interested in figuring out what is next. Is this like a career/life coach but with the tech it's more scalable, I assume cheaper and what can users expect from signing up?
Thank you for your question Iynna! The tools we are beta launching serve as a great starting point for people who'd like to take some time to think about what's important for them in their career. We have seen a good amount of interest so far, which has been exciting to see!For what users can expect: We are beta launching our platform and 3 digital tools that are based on activities in our group career coaching programs. Yes, these tools are meant to be a more accessible and scalable version of our coaching programs. At the moment, our tools are free as we test and refine.
I love it! That’s so great to hear you’ve had good traction :) excited to hear about your learnings!
I'm curious what kind of input you are after from us here? Have signed up on your waitlist. Best of luck with the launch!
Thanks Yollana! The best feedback would be about how easy/intuitive it is to use the tools and platform, how effective the tools are in getting clarity, and any specific recommendations you have for how we can refine and improve.