A startup that I work with, Crew, just published their top trends in the career space based on input from career experts and coaches. Thought this may be interesting for the Elpha community!

Curious what you all think. Which trends stand out to you?

I found the third trend particularly interesting, which goes beyond work/life balance to talk about career and personal identities.

Super interesting article! I find the first one interesting - I wonder what that looks like for cis-men vs other gender identities (in terms of feeling comfortable having these conversations and feeling like one's manager is supportive or is creating a safe space to talk about what parts of the role one likes or wants to work more on). The 3rd one is also interesting and I think parallels rising perspectives (like genz not dreaming of labor or having a dream job) -- which I 100% agree with
The first trend is definitely on the rise! Feeling safe to have those career conversations is also probably industry-dependent as well, if it's male-dominated or not. Super interesting point!The third one is my particular favorite because life is MUCH more than just your job/career. It's great to see genz tapping into that mentality!