Ok, the usual advice for networking is:

  1. Research your favorite companies and make a list
  2. Reach out to the hiring manager/Internal Recruiters to connect
  3. Build a relationship

Ok, so my hardest part is connecting with recruiters and hiring managers; as a neurodivergent, I struggle with the conversation without meaning. I want to connect with individuals, either I found them in a post I thought was intriguing or found something about their company and I want to ask them why they choose it. I want to make quality connections; how do you keep the conversation valuable enough for the recruiter?

Speaking as a recruiter, recruiters and hiring managers aren't always the best people to network with! I actually recommend that you connect with someone who is working in the type of role that you're interested in. It'll make conversation a little easier (because you'll be speaking about the specifics of the role and their day to day), and it'll give you much better insight into whether that team/company is best for you. Plus, if this person connects with you, they'll be able to refer you to their company recruiter (and get a referral bonus, which recruiters and hiring managers generally aren't eligible for, so it's a win/win). Meetups and forums are also great for networking. You can build some strong personal relationships in a more laid back environment, and those relationships can often lead to amazing job opportunities later.
I'd definitely recommend to network with people who are doing the job already and not be so focused on the recruiter. With someone who is in the role or team you aspire to join, you can nerd out with them on common interest, share your technical knowledge etc. If there's a good vibe, that person can put in a good word for you!