How do you pursue Advisor opportunities?

Hi Elphas!

I have 5+ years of experience at a retained recruiting firm, where I've served as a talent partner to numerous early stage and high-growth tech startups, founders, and executive teams. My long-term goal is to go in-house with a VC and advise their portfolio companies/founders on org growth and all things talent.

I'd like to start exploring how I can get closer to that goal. How does one go about earning a role as Advisor to a company? I'm not looking to be a paid/contracted consultant but rather a long-term Talent Acquisition resource, perhaps with a slice of equity. How does one get started as an Advisor?


Colleen Curtis who is currently participating in an AMA, mentioned advising as a side hustle in her intro. I've asked her how she got started. Perhaps you can also ask your question there as well.
Thanks so much Sara! I will try to find Colleen on the platform.
Being a consultant for a project is a great starting point to become an advisor in the future.I have been a member of a few consulting platforms for some time and consulted on different topics. I have never been an advisor, but certainly is a conversation I have had more than once with people. Maybe I will achieve it in the future.Platforms:GLG Research Partners Consulting Maven Tegus
Hi Kristen. The best way to get advisory opportunities come to you is to start networking with the types of startups you want to advise. LinkedIn and startup events is a great place to start. One thing that worked really well for me is to create content on the topics of my expertise and either teach it at startup "hubs" and post it on Social Media.Once you have inbound leads of potential startups that you can advise, then you can just start helping/working with them. Through that period, you can get to know them and make sure you are a right fit. You don't want to get stuck with a startup and/or team that you don't enjoy working with.Hope this helps.I'm happy to share more if you'd like to speak over zoom.Nelly.
Great advice. This is exactly what I did after I sold my business and wanted to advise others to do the same.
Thanks Nelly - I 100% agree - There needs to be a natural interest in the product/company/industry and a good working relationship with the founder(s). Fantastic advice and thanks for sharing your experience! @DigitalWoman
Most people who I've seen do it successfully leaned in their network, and planted that seed with the different people around them. There's never an advising role open, it's more we see someone who can add value and we find a way to plug them in so they can help us.
I got started through my network. Having been at a company during funding rounds and getting to know our VCs as well as networking in the start-up community. Happy to share more @iynna perhaps a few of us could get together for an AMA or office hours on this topic.
I LOVE THIS! And yes we should. I will hit you up @MaggieRuvoldt
Thank you @MaggieRuvoldt!
Hi @kristenstarick - Definitely check out The Fourth Floor! know we are all part of a ton of women's networking opportunities, but what I really appreciate about The Fourth Fl is their very clear goal and mandate - getting women on board seats, and changing the corporate makeup of America. How does this start? With opportunities for women advising startups! Happy to connect you with them directly, but you can also take a platform tour etc. right there.
@abbysugar thank you for this lead! I will check it out.