Making B2B Connections/Sales through HR Departments.

I have a question about making B2B connections/sales through HR departments at large firms. Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to make inroads with the decision makers at large firms who could benefit from a valuable service for their business? Would you recommend reaching out first to the main decision makers such as the Chief Human Resource Officer or trying to get buy-in at a smaller team/regional level first? Any tips you have to reach these types of people through cold emailing would be fantastic! Thank you in advance.

Hi Maura94! I always want to get to the main decision-maker first, but since you're doing cold email, you can scale the process so that you can try multiple contacts. I recommend starting broad and targeting everyone who you think might be a decision-maker. That could be 2-3, or more, people from each company. For example, when I sold content marketing services, our product was thought leadership pieces written on behalf of c-suite executives so we targeted both CEOs and CMOs -- clients that came out of that campaign included Oracle,, Okta, GoFundMe, Girl Scouts of the USA. I wouldn't take the approach to get buy-in at a more junior level first. I'd rather have the CHRO forward your email downward. Other cold email elements to consider are your tech stack, the cold email copy (I recommend at least 11 stages), and using domains outside of your main one so that you can warm up the accounts to avoid going into spam. For example, I'm doing one now that has 15 email addresses set up over 3 domains. It may sound complicated to set up because it is! But once it's set up then you have a simple system, and you only need to plug in leads,
@DianePrince This is such great advice! Thank you so much! These are all great things to consider in our outreach campaign!