How you can discover your next career step with career design

If you've been thinking about where to take your career next, our upcoming free event Introduction to Career Design: Discover the Power of Career Design on February 9th at 9 AM PST can help you get clarity.

Here's what the event is all about:

Career design is the process of proactively creating a career path that aligns with one's values, interests, and goals. It leans into the principles of design thinking, and emphasizes self-discovery, intentional decision-making, and taking control of one's professional life.

When you treat your career like a product, you can design a career you love.

For some, this may mean finding a new job. For many, it means making changes to your current work to make it more fulfilling.

To learn more about career design and how it can help you, join our upcoming event: Introduction to Career Design.

During this 30 minute event, you’ll learn:

  1. The basics of career design
  2. Ways to get started designing your career
  3. How Crew can help you in your career design

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