Do you have any ideas or real-life examples of how AI can be implemented by HR in an organization?

Hello everyone :)

I'm currently doing some research on AI in the workplace and was interested in learning about your experiences using it, especially in the HR field.

Please let me know if you have any experiences & best practices in hand.

Thank you!

Hello! I am also doing research on AI implementation, here are some areas with huge potential: employee oriented chatbot where your staff can ask questions and receive answers (how many legal days off there are, when your probation period ends, where to find trainings, etc); can also be used for on-boaring; performance reviews (to summarize and to highlight the specific points for improvement or strengths of an employee); in recruitment: to draft job desks, outreach/follow-up/rejection messages, in intw notetaker (brighthire), source candidates (now LI has this function but it is somewhat limited, there is also betterleap (sourcing), hirevue (assessments), hirequotient (video intws, outreach, automation), hireflix (video intws), etc); GDPR reminders and messages for Europe; some also use it for payroll; there are plenty admin stuff that one could use AI for from presentations to summaries, to analysis of documents to automation of repetitive tasks. It is important to note that it must be compliant as you would be sharing sensitive information with a third-party; MS copilot is easily integrated if you are using MS suite.
Check out they are doing cool things for HR
oo thanks for sharing this Shawna!