From Anxious to Activist: How my anxiety helped me strive for exactly what I want, the way I want itFeatured

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Nicole, thank you so much for sharing this! I admire your ability to use anxiety in such a way and find your path. It's so awesome, and encouraging. And perfect timing for Mental Health Awareness Week. Thank you!
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Thank you SO much for the opportunity! This community is such an amazing place, you must be so proud of it! I'm proud just to be a member!
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Hi Nicole! Thank you so much for sharing your story, I really admire how you worked with your anxiety and understood your challenges to find the path for you. By making accommodations for yourself you’ve been able to succeed when many others not only feel trapped by anxiety but forced to live a life that only amplifies it’s horrors. It’s even more awesome that you’ve used your experience to create the Husmus Social Circle!
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Thank you so much for taking the time to read it! Kind people like you make sharing my story a bit less intimidating!
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I really love this post! Thanks for writing it. I can totally relate to "having your own plan that works for you."
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Thanks so much for reading! :)
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Thank you for sharing! So much of your story resonated with me, especially the following:> So I wanted to form a community. I wanted a safe-haven for female entrepreneurs working just as hard as all the ladies going to expos and workshops, but not able to reap the same benefits. A sounding board for women that had to forge their own paths due to their own mental health conditions, just like I did, because the traditional ones just aren’t always possible for us to tread.