Do I Count? A Question About Ethnicity/Self Identity

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We all come from somewhere; your family is from Spain (my abuelo was from Salamanca). Did you grow up with any of his family's Spanish culture and customs? I am American, from Spanish, Cuban, Polish and Czech descent. I grew up around my Cuban abuelos, their culture and customs, so I proudly identify as Cuban American. As I am older now, I am definitely curious about my Eastern European heritage, but I would feel weird joining Polish groups, even though those roots are in my DNA.
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I grew up with the stories and the traditions my dad passed down to us, but both of his parents died before I was born and he only has his brother (my uncle) left. There's no more of that side of the family to be surrounded by, just the stories my dad and uncle tell me. "Your grandmother was a flamenco dancer! Your ancestors played guitar for Spanish royalty!" It's something they take a lot of pride in, so it's always been important to me to honor that side... I just don't know where the line is. I don't even know if I belong in this "Elpha Latinx" community really!
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Of course you belong!! It is important to honor your Spanish heritage, there is no line, you come from proud Spanish roots. Embrace it! <3