Funding for female founders falls to 2017 levels as pandemic shakes up the VC market

Context (taken from TC article): " In 2016, PitchBook data shows quarterly results for female founders totaling around 100 to 125 rounds, and between $300 and $400 million in value. By 2019, those figures rose to 150 to 200 rounds per quarter, worth between $700 million and $950 million.To see Q3 2020 manage just 136 rounds worth just $434 million is a sharp disappointment."COVID has hit women and under-represented minorities the hardest. We have had a record drop-out of women from the workforce (800,000 women left their jobs in April/March 2020 US alone). Now, we are seeing it affect funding for female founded companies. There is more data out there. Investors are vary (more than ever) of funding and looks like their risk appetite directly affects women and other minorities. Interestingly, when the going gets tough, it seems like most VCs also get more biased. We are living in an unprecedented world, where we are vulnerable to pandemics and natural disasters, and what we need is more funding for creative and innovative pursuits (which data shows will come from a diverse set of founders). What we definitely need to discourage is a tightening of purse strings. Happy to hear thoughts. Especially from operators/VCs who are facing these issues. (You can also reply anonymously if there is fear of speaking out freely, Elpha built that feature out for a reason) :)