Any Non-US citizens/residents that have successfully started a company in the US?

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I'm not too familiar in this area, but sharing two resources in case they're helpful:https://legalpad.io
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Hey there, you don't need to be a citizen to start a company in the US. Silicon Valley is full of success stories of immigrant founders. You do need a founder's SSN to start the company. Which I guess, you have, since you are on H1B. US law encourages entrepreneurship, there is an entrepreneur visa as well. There are also B1/B2 visas. But best to get an immigration attorney to help you. Certain home countries (like India) restrict their citizens from forming companies abroad- so you might want to check on regulations in your home country as well.
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Hey there - I could share my experience with you. Started a business without being a resident, then worked my way through the immigration system. Happy to help. Cheers!