I'm in London this weekend! Let's meet at Kahaila Cafe in Shoreditch at 3pm on Satruday, 9/28

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Let's meet at Kahaila Cafe @3pm? I will have my laptop out, and it has a green Elpha sticker in the middle. Otherwise, I will be wearing all black, and not very recognizable... :) Look forward to meeting you tomorrow!@mariawlosinska, @eloisebloniarz, @rosiesherry, @JelenaJansson, @leonam, @nodunayo
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I'm coming!
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I wish I could but I'm in California the next two weeks. Next time for sure! x
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Hello,I can meet you in the Shoreditch area tomorrow if you're still free?Yes, it is still cool! :-)Nadia
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Hi!Id love to! Let me know your schedule.
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Whaaat?! Yes! I can meet! I moved to London now so it would be wonderful to meet you!
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I have no idea you moved to London!
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That's how I roll :) I just show up to places :PP
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Have you scheduled something in? Not sure if I can make it, I'm in Brighton, an hour away, but may give it a shot if something is organised.
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Hope to see you tomorrow!
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I'm around as well and would love to meet! Let me know if you've picked a time / place
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I´m around and would love to meet as well! :) What time and place works on your end?
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waaaah shame to have missed this, would have loved to meet you! hopefully next time! hope the wedding was niiiicccceeee
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The wedding was very nice! :) See you next time!
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Oh no, I missed this! Guess that means you'll have to come back again, haha. Hope you had fun!
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Definitely! :D