IRL "Dating App" Soft Launch

Hi Elpha family,

One of my clients, Gather Social, has officially launched their app.

This is a "dating app" which essentially sends registered members invitations to in-person events within their preferred region + availability. Gather events are 8-12 people in size, moderated by an host, and located at a suitable pre vetted establishment.

Locations available in BC, Canada, and Texas, USA. Will expand to other states soon :)

The motto is "chemistry first" - getting people in a room together instead of separated by dating profiles and swipe mentality.

  • Invitations will be sent out when user base per region has expanded enough (give it a few months)
  • Groups are roughly 50/50 split in gender and similar age grouping
  • Hosts moderate events to encourage mingling and deter questionable behaviour
  • Venues are prevetted to accomodate in space and separate food + drink bills
  • Reported incidents will result in revoked memberships
  • Memberships are free, event tickets can be purchased
  • Members can only communicate on the platform after meeting in person (or they can exchange contact info in person)

If you support this mission, more info can be found on the website. If you want to sign up (1 minute sign-up) app is available in app stores or also click through the site.

XYK751 is a promo code to get you $$ off your event ticket :) *msg me for another if it expires etc

I'm not looking to date, but I really stand behind this approach, and the founders are lovely to work with.

Thanks for reading!


This is super cool! I'll send this to friends. Question: you mention that most groups are 50/50 split in gender. Is there going to be an option for groups in the LGBTQ+ community?
Thanks @glojdallas !You can see the members in your region and you can opt which genders to see on the app.As for the events, of course you can meet anyone attending. There is no intention (to my understanding) to host all male or all female groups in the future with the understanding that the LGBTQ+ communities have their own established communities that cater to their respective preferences.I believe the founders will keep their focus fixed on the 50/50 groupings and geographical growth.