Chapter2Club - Smart Woman’s Guide to Breakups - 2021 Survey

Hey Elphas!Wondering if anyone has been through a divorce or separation and willing to take a quick survey to help us out?We are Chapter2Club. It's a Smart Woman’s Guide to Breakups and Everything After. This is a modern, honest and candid platform for women experiencing separation and divorce by women themselves who have gone through it. We're building a community designed for her to come together for advice, guidance, and support.As we prepare for 2021, we are interested in hearing from people who are divorced or who are currently going through it now so that we can better create content and helpful information to those who need it. These responses are anonymous, but you can choose to give us your email at the end to stay connected. The survey is short and should about 5 minutes of your time, but have tremendous impact on how we plan ahead. Thank you!!!