Workshops for Aspiring and Early-Stage Founders - Legal, Fundraising, Finance, Google Ads, etc.

Not sure where to go to get the right advice to build your company? Not sure what to do next to build your business? Want to be sure that you’re on the right path? Join our upcoming FounderPass workshops for access to high-quality content typically reserved for Venture backed startups. Here is a list of upcoming workshops before the New Year! CODE: YOUGOTIT for 1 month free12/2 Is Equity Crowd-Funding Right for Me?12/4 Google Ads for Early-Stage Founders12/10 The Legal Side of Preparing to Fundraise12/11 Pitch Feedback with Investor Brittney Riley, Pivotal Fund12/18 Year End Celebration & New Year Visioning12/21 Financial Modeling for 2021