Some thoughts for the night...In my professional life, there were many first times-my first music video, my first feature film, my first coffeeshop.Those first times were, in retrospect, the most extraordinary things I have ever done. There is some magic to the energy of a new beginning. In the past months, I helped prepare the launch of a new software product. Today was/ is the day.MagicBell has launched.The launch itself is a great date, like a cafe opening, to push yourself to deliver everything you have. It is a great feeling to have fulfilled a milestone. The puzzles have fallen in their place.Now, let's see and analyze. The near future is somehow equally exciting - this step was just the base for another new beginning!
The product managed to be #2 Product of the Day yesterday!I am so grateful and happy!!Now, I would like to give something back. I want to offer my help to you.My expertise is the moving image; shooting, editing, concept.Ask me Anything, I have done it all.