We need honest Feedback on our Landing Page pleasehttps://magicbell.io/

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Some quick thoughts:Visually, I absolutely love the clean design and strong branding. I find everything very easy to digest with great clarity and information hierarchy!From a product perspective, I think I have a bit of trouble thinking of how it can be applied to a product, so I'd love some kind of example / use case section that outlines examples of "channels" for instance that Magic Bell would be helpful in. (Though, I may be the wrong audience and maybe it's obvious - but I couldn't immediately think of a use case)Edit: OK, I just clicked on Why Magicbell and the post clearly answered my question above! 😆This is sooo helpful! I've been quite annoyed with my Slack notifications in which I've read the messages on desktop but still get them on my phone. I wonder if there's a way to reiterate a summary of the article in the landing page itself :)
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Thank you so much for the feedback. It is so helpful. Most people won't click further, therefore you are right, we need to improve the landing page!
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Hi Chris!Absolutely love the idea :)))))The layout is clean. I like the colors and the logo. Maybe one suggestion I have, is that the so called "above the fold" (what I see without scrolling) should already contain a message about what your product does. The fact that the two short title and paragraph there contain 3 times the word product is a bit distracting. And the sentence that describes what the product is about, is maybe a bit complicated? I would try to think of something simple that goes straight to the point and captures attention.Either than that I love everything :)
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Thank You very much! This is so helpful!
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* Can you understand what we do? Yes. I'm in D2C but I imagine this is for SaaS! * What problem do we solve and which products/ companies do you think we compete with? At just a quick glance it sounds like your product is almost a plugin for any software to handle all the notifications that software offers to it's users. * Would you consider using us based on the landing page and if not, what would be your apprehensions?hard for me to answer since I don't have a SaaS company, but in theory if coding out the notifications was really rough, it would make sense that this is a nice plug and play option (we sell on shopify and use plugins for a lot of things in lieu of having them coded so...makes sense from my limited POV!)