You don’t need to shut down your emotions, you need them to lift you higher.

Hi Elpha's,I've been working with several companies over the past few weeks to help them support their workforce's mental wellbeing. These are challenging times and they can easily make us feel down and blue, resulting in symptoms of stress, anxiety, and other mood-related issues. You can become unproductive, feel demotivated, or lose your “spark.”I've written a short piece on what can you do about it?I hope it to be a point of light in your day. Big hug,Louise
Thanks for sharing :) I JUST wrote a comment to @teresaman about how numb I'm feeling to everything that's been going on at this point because 2020 has just been so unbelievable. I think articles like these are so needed especially this week. I hope you share it out in other platforms as well!
I hear you @HannahBaldovino. It's been one hell of an unbelievable ride! The best thing we can do is to focus on Presence. When we are overly focused on the future then we are susceptible to anxiety, and when we are overly focused on the past we are susceptible to depression. When we are in the moment, our intuition has the strongest chance of speaking to us. You've definitely inspired me to share it to other platforms as well. I appreciate you, I am here for you. Big hug, Louise
@LouiseHeite, what a great blog! I really enjoyed it. I didn't know that about laughter, genuine or fake still helping to release endorphins! 💖
Thank you so much, Ekua for your kind feedback. I appreciate you. 💓
I like forest bathing! I just did it yesterday without even knowing how useful it is and today I feel so great!
So gorgeous 😍. Thank you so much for sharing Christiane and I'm so happy to hear you are feeling great today! What possibilities are creating for yourself from this place today? Big hug, Louise
Love this, @LouiseHeite! Thank you so much for sharing. I feel very grateful to live right next to a park and have ample access to green space. It's not quite a forest, but breathing deeply and taking in my surroundings has the same effect. Our emotional responses aren't something to be feared or avoided. Instead, they are gifts - opportunities to check in with and hold ourselves in whatever we are experiencing in the present moment. Wishing you a beautiful day :)
I love this, thank you for sharing Louise! We've just started a 1 month lockdown in the UK and being conscious about doing regular exercise is something I'm focusing on to help get me through. I love your points about paying attention to the little things, it's amazing how powerful they can be. A simple moment like drinking coffee feeling the sun shining through the window is incredible.Stay safe! 💖
I couldn't agree more @daisysimonis ♥. On rainy days I use the free app FitOn to guide my workouts. I've used the app for over a year now and I love the workouts offered. You can choose the type of workout, the intensity, the length and it keeps a nice little tracker of the days you worked out. Maybe something that might help you too on a rainy day in the UK. Stay safe & healthy! Louise x
This is such a lovely suggestion, thank you so much Louise!
My pleasure!