How will your life be different when you realize you don’t need to ask permission to become all you’re capable of becoming?

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Thanks for sharing! What a great reminder that we can all use from time to time. I struggle with this all the time. I even get annoyed hearing myself tell myself "no" before even putting myself out there. "I'm not skilled in this." "There are so many people out there that do it better." It's so crippling. I am really trying not to "let them say 'no' for me" these days. Keep up the great content!
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I hear you! My best advice - practice, practice, practice @HannahBaldovino, just like we do our reps in the gym we got to do our mental reps too. When you hear the inner critic next - label it - and redirect your focus to what you want and know you are capable of. Here for you! Lx
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Wow, what a question :) It reminds me a lot of this post about experimenting with career changes and identities through networked writing that are, to your point, permissionless:
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I call this the difference between my 20s and my 30s, LOL. During my 20s, I was following the most logical, safe path that was expected of me, but realized around 30 that I was pretty unhappy. Once I stopped following the expected path and started digging in to figure out what I truly wanted/needed to feel happy and fulfilled and excited by life, things started improving immensely. In my career, in my personal relationships, etc. Who I am at 38 feels so very different from who I was at 28.
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That's a pretty epic story @maggiewolff thank you so much for sharing, how our lives can be so different by just changing a slight nuance. So I couldn't resist the ask ☺ - Where do see Maggie at age 48? Rooting for you! Lx