Beta testers needed! Tool for future parents

Some positive news during this stressful election week - @siran and I are so excited because our company, Mirza (, is ready for beta testers!Mirza is an online tool that enables soon-to-be parents to plan for various financial & lifestyle scenarios, helping them make informed decisions that they can then execute, with our support.What will I get if I use it?An overarching view of how decisions we make around our careers and personal lives affect our long term finances (i.e. family planning)A way to split household chores with your partnerWhat do I need to do?Fill out the form Share it with any and all of your friendsFollow @mirzasayshey on social media if you don’t already :)What happens next? If you qualify, we’ll send you a link to create your own account and start using our beta (and it costs free dollars)We’ll send some follow up surveys asking for feedback. If you have any questions or immediate commentary, drop us a line at [email protected]We'd really love for you all to check out our beta and look forward to your feedback!
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🥰🥰🥰 we’re on a mission to close the gender pay gap, and really hope this tool can help!