impact-driven fintech looking for a CTO

We (Hey Mirza) are looking for a new CTO/Head of Engineering to lead our dev team. Would LOVE to hire a woman CTO if we can, although anyone who is impact-driven, has led/worked in a tech startup before, and who wants to join a fintech startup tackling the childcare crisis is more than welcome.Any recommendations, referrals, etc would be greatly appreciated. We're building financial vehicles to help make childcare affordable, are London based and open to hiring people in the UK or US.Our tech stack is react/node/graphQL, use AWS, and happy to share more info as needed. If you/anyone you know is interested, PLEASE reach out!

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Hi Mel! Thank you for sharing! How many years of experience are you looking for? Also, will this person be coding or overseeing a team that works on coding?
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hi! We're not set on a specific number of years of experience, and more focused on the experience itself, although this is definitely a senior level position so we would need someone familiar and comfortable with our tech stack, who is also comfortable making architectural decisions for the product. While the position would be predominantly overseeing and developing a team, we are looking for someone who is ok to get their hands dirty and code when needed, especially since we're still pretty small. Please let me know if you have any additional questions/if I can provide any more info!