Please participate in this short survey - it will help us tremendously! Anyone is welcome!

Hey everybody!We are a female-founded startup and are on the quest to change the world of notifications. It is still a long way to go, therefore we need valuable input from all of you.It would be great if you could participate!Here is the link: You So much for Your Help!Christiane
Awesome! Just completed the survey. Good luck with your mission!
Completed! Wishing you all the best :)
Done! Best wishes and Good luck!
Done, hopefully its helpful
done - good luck! and one quick thing - your last question about whether people want to participate further you should note how long the interview will be - so people know what they're potentially signing up for
Hey ChristianeI saw that you are looking for people to complete our surveys.I am in the process of developing a virtual assistant and one of her services is assisting founders with testing/surveys.As a fellow founder, this has been inspired by a hugeeeeeeeeee pain point in my journey to building a start-up. We are in beta testing stage, so please feel free to sign up and trial our services for your testing:). All the best with your venture:)