advice on ways to build app for mvp

Hi Elpha’s,I’m a co-founder of an early-stage startup working on indoor play spaces for people and their dogs. Our MVP will require a sign-up and booking app that we *think* is pretty simple. I’m looking for someone with broad experience in web and mobile app development that can walk us through the different ways we could get it done and the challenges we might run into. We are not looking to hire anyone to build it, just trying to better understand all our options. Happy to pay for an hour of your time.
Hi @sylviah, I work with entrepreneurs like you to go from what customers say to what the engineers build without wasting time and money. You definitely have several options to get this up and running, and I'd be happy to talk to you about them.You can schedule time with me here:, this is me:
Thanks for replying! Looking forward to chatting.
Hey @sylviahLet me know if you need any help related to tech, I would be happy to do that.I work as a software engineer with one of the FAANG companies and also I am a co-founder at Neurastats. So, I work closely with a lot of early founders and have several clients in the very early stages of building their businesses across the globe.If you would like to take the conversation forward, hit me up at [email protected]