A little market research into fashion (shoes, accessories, clothes) shopping habits! Please help us and answer the short 2min survey!https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScckPmB0yg9WfNpZnYxq-qcKWvG_-3H42CB2e-Hb2vx6IMf1A/viewform

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Done! Would love to see the results if you wouldn't mind sharing them with the community :)
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Done! And agree with Tanmayi, would love to see the results!
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Done! good luck!
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I'd recommend adding a question where you ask for folks email if they would feel comfortable having a follow up conversation. You can then aggregate a list of potential users you could interview :)(or to follow up with more info -- you mentioned some leather alternatives that I hadn't heard of and I'd love to learn more!)