doing research for venture capital companies investing in Zambia

I am a virtual EA doing research for one of my executive's projects, which is to fund an entrepreneurial project called Zam Innovates: a business incubator/accelerator program for Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

If anyone in this group has recommendations for VC companies who are investing in Africa or in Zambia in particular, I would appreciate this group's help.

Thank you.

Hello, I am Jackline from Kenya, Africa. Recently A Kenyan Startup called Apollo got funded by Flourish Ventures, Yara growth Ventures, Chan Zukerberg ventures, Endeavor catalyst just to mention but a few. I believe these VC firms are open to investing in other African companies. I don't have any experience with these VC firms directly, just wanted to help out with the little info I have. I hope this info might help.
Hi @Jackline - Thank you so much for sharing these VC firms with me. I very much appreciate that you took the time to network this way. I would like to learn about what you do! - Mary B
You're welcome! I am a student in my final year on campus and a member of future females, a community of female founders, I have been following up with the startup ecosystem here in Kenya. In case you have some questions about it that I can answer I'll be glad to be of help. My co-founder and I built a startup that builds AI-powered beehive devices that monitor beehives in real-time, from their phones. I am also building a community of AI innovators with the aim of solving our challenges and making an impact. I believe the next unicorns will be born here.