work while CEO is on vacation

I am a remote Executive assistant, new in my job by 6 months. The Executive I work with will be on vacation for a week, and I am thinking about how best to use my work time while he will be, for the most part, taking well-deserved time off.

Any ideas/suggestions are welcome!

An idea might be use that time to automate via some tools or setup tools in a way where you can do your repetitive tasks very easily. If there's something you're doing multiple times on a regular basis, I wonder if it might be worthwhile to see how you can make that easier/faster for yourself!
Yes, finding way to include automation when possible is a great way to use the time. Think of any communications that can be templates. During this time of calm, consider ways to setup a system for privatization for times when you have to handle a lot of incoming tasks at once.
@annamiller Thanks for reminding me to consider the time next week as a time of calm!