Recruiting agency or consultant for community / marketing leaders?

Hey there, Elphas! Do you know of any recruiting agencies or consultants who are familiar with community/marketing roles? (Bonus for any specializing in mission-driven companies.)

I'm certain lots of folx here would love to know if anything like that is out there, but a bit more context about why I'm asking personally...

My partner gets contacted regularly by recruiters specializing in C-level tech positions, and it's great to see how aligned the roles are and how smooth his path has been for finding a great new position. I'd love to benefit from the same kind of inbound offers, while I continue my own proactive hunting—but it seems like this kind of recruiting only happens for tech roles and/or at exec levels. (sigh) Am I right?

I'm proud of my 10+ years leadership in community management, customer success, and marketing, as well as team building and internal collaboration. I know there are lots of companies looking for someone like me, would be awesome to connect with recruiters who can do some matchmaking!

I hope whatever resources surface here can benefit not just myself but the other community mavens I know are out there.