Anyone with Auth0 experience?


Has anyone here worked with Auth0 for their React Native projects? I'm quite green when it comes to Auth0 and would love to learn more about it from this community!

The primary focus for us is automating some role assignment for users, creating organizations users can be part of, and permissions based on those roles and organizations. If you have any pointers, please comment!

Thank you!

Totally shooting my shot here but maybe @MorganLucas?
Thank you, Iynna! It sounds a lot like Active Directory, but I've never used it myself.
Yes, I implemented Auth0 similarly. Not a hugely complex use case (just one admin role which gives access to our admin panel for the app to certain users) and it gets assigned manually. I actually didn’t realise there was a way to assign the role automatically, will need to look into it. What questions did you have?
Hi @sunnypatch! I was having some issues with a Post User Registration flow. I followed a tutorial by Okta on a Post User Login flow and took the code snippets from it to try implementing a Post User Registration flow that assigns a default role after the user account is created. When doing this, I keep on getting an error of "unauthorized_client" and a grant type error.I'm not sure what to make of the grant types or how to get this client authorized beforehand? I'm under the impression they should be authorized since their user account was successfully created.Thank you for helping me look into this!