Mentors in Marketing/Career Growth/Remote Companies

Hi community,

My name is Maria! I am 33 years old. I am from Nicaragua. I went to school in the USA both for my masters and undergraduate. I studied journalism and have a masters in public health and a masters in branding.

I have lived and worked in the USA, colombia, Mexico and Spain. Currently, I am back in Nicaragua.

i am currently working for a digital marketing agency that is fully remote. I am a content writer there. In my years of experience, I have noticed that it is extremely hard to find good mentors at work. people that sincerely want to see you grow.

it's been extremely hard for me to find good people, good mentors in marketing. I dont know how to connect with mentors in linkedin for example. Any advice on how you will find them. Also, any advice on great companies that are fully remote that allows you to work with them even if you are not a us citizen. I only say this because a lot of the fully remote companies are gears towards US citizens.

Any advice for how to connect and find good mentors in your field. Also any free marketing courses you can take to advancein your career.

@iynna, Thanks for the shout out! Maria, happy to help if I can!
Yay! So Happy! oh and fyi, Maria, if you haven't done so yet, you should DM Kimberly as she can't (since you're anon)
I did !!
Thank you soooo much!!!