Breaking into Femtech field, any advice and opportunities is welcomed!

Hi everyone!

I'm Lingan, a formal edutech research and product manage. Earlier this year I decided to break into Femtech. Based on my long time fight with gut issues, I built an Ai-drivened mobile app helping women with chronic gut issues so that woem don't have to suffer in silence anymore. I have shipped my MVP but the next round of fundraising wasn't go well. So now I 'd like to join other Femtech startups.

Please give me any advice or share some opportunities, thank you!

Hi Lingan! It's nice to meet you and thanks for sharing your story with us. It's great to see you took matter in your own hand and built a product that could serve you and millions other people. Are you in the US and looking for opportunities in the US or outside/remote? Check out our partners companies here we have a couple at the intersection of health/women health/wellness. Most are in the US or Canada but many also have a hybrid/remote option. And what roles would you want to recruit for? My friend runs the largest women health vc fund in the US (maybe the world) and here are some Product roles in her portcos.- Senior Product Manager, Midi Health Senior Technical Product Manager, Bend Health Product Manager, Twentyeight Health Product Manager, Mae Product Designer, Mae Senior Product Designer, Movn Health
Thank you iynna! I’ll definitely check and apply!
I’m not in US but I’d definitely check all the valuable resources you have shared. It’s such a grace that I can have support and encouragement here from you. Thank you so much!
I would suggest following Jodi Neuahauser on LinkedIn and subscribing to her Hiring Wednesday's substack. She curated open roles from across the women's health space. the femhealth insights has a community and a newsletter that is really useful in the space
Thank you Maggie! It’s great.
Check out great community and you will be able to connect with Founders looking for new hires.
Thank you so much! I have joined the community