Seeking feedback and advice from communications/marketing hiring managers or recruiters

After my nine-month contract position ended ten months ago, I've been searching for roles in internal/corporate communications, branding/message development, and event planning/webinar demand generation.

I am eager to find the right opportunity, and at this stage in my job search journey, getting an unbiased professional perspective on my resume (and even my LinkedIn profile) would be very beneficial.

Would any communications/marketing hiring managers or recruiters be willing to review these documents and provide suggestions? If so, I would love to connect and would be very grateful and appreciative of the help.

Once I find a role, I plan to pay forward the support and advice I've received by writing and sharing a post containing a collection of tips I used that enabled me to succeed in obtaining my new position.

πŸ‘‹ I'd be more than happy to checkout your resumΓ©! Feel free to message me here or connect on LinkedIn:
Thank you so much, @melaniecrissey - I just sent you a message on LinkedIn!