Map your training to your menstrual cycle: Would love some feedback on an early-ish prototype? 📲

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Done! This is something that REALLY interests me!
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Amazing!! Looking forward to speaking to you :)
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This is awesome! Looking forward to our chat :)
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Ah so great! Thank you and speak soon!
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Hi Hana, This isn't my exact area of expertise, but my organization is partnering on femtech and putting on a few events with Tech4Eva out of Switzerland. There is an upcoming virtual event focused on London - might be a good place to make connections:
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This is brilliant, I've just registered. Thank you!
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Super interested! Just scheduled a call for tomorrow AM :)
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Great! Excited to meet you, speak then :)
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This is awesome! I work with a design agency focused on women's health ( and we've been having SO many conversations around menstrual health lately. Signed up for a slot!