Office Hours: I am a doctor of oriental medicine, and I help women with spirit, mind, and body healing through holistic health.Featured

Play·maste, y’all! De’Nicea Hilton here, CEO and Founder at Hilton Holistic Health and Wellness LLC, a company that’s all about guiding women to Embrace, Embody and Express their Perfect Authentic Self - using PLAY!For more than 5 years, I have facilitated the growth, evolution and healing journeys for women as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. The more I learned about and grew personally, the more I came to embrace all aspects of me and allow that to come through in business - from operations to marketing to delivering services as a pseudo-solopreneur. This growth inspired me to create The Perfect Alignment PlayGround as a virtual space for women who are looking to begin living more aware of the relationship of their Emotional, Mental and Physical Self as an extension of their Spirit so they live more authentically and purposefully with Clarity, Confidence and Consciousness. The PlayGround shows up facilitating workshops, speaking engagements, podcast interviews and more.I have an undergraduate degree in recreation and event management from the University of Florida and graduate degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine. I live in Clearwater, Florida with my fiancee, Baby Yoda (I know, I know...that’s his name to me) and plant babies. Spending time in meditation, reading and learning from any teacher (class, blog, book, a convo with someone in a store), cooking and just listening to sounds of the water at the park are some of the playful activities I enjoy.Ask me about incorporating playful well-being personally as an entrepreneur, holistic healing, learning to holistically align your strengths within your business or in position, meditation, diversifying and creating holistic wellness programs at your organization, public speaking (especially as an ambi/introvert), podcast guesting and pitching and more!
Thanks so much for joining us, @deniceahilton. Elphas: please reply in the comments with your questions for @deniceahilton before this Friday. She may not have time to answer every single question, so please emoji upvote the ones that interest you most.
Oooo...I'm ready! Thanks so much for the opportunity to share and offer insight. :-)
@deniceahilton so nice to meet you! I love the work you are doing. I have four young children and play frequently. I KNOW it is very strong part of what makes me feel very young. Generally, I am in excellent physical health (I have healthy diet, have recently lost weight, exercise daily), however, I have a nagging hip/back pain that has me sidelined from running. I went to see an ortho who was such a jerk, I'm nervous to go back to another doctor, but feel a sports med doc might be my next stop.Here are my questions:1) Would you recommend a sports med doc as my next step?2) Do you have recommendations for relieving/healing this pain? Thanks so much @deniceahilton!
Hey Ellen! Just wanted to provide my two cents. I'm a women's strength coach and grew up a competitive athlete and had my fair share of injuries and visits to a sports doctor. You could definitely see a sports med doc which would prescribe physical therapy which may help (depends on who the therapist is!) On the other hand since you are nervous about seeing a doctor (totally understand), I would definitely try hip strengthening exercises first that you could do at home! I'd highly recommend mini-band and hip stretches. Such as clam shells, hamstring stretches, hip flexor stretches, frog stretches, glute bridges, and some core/back strengthening exercises. This usually clears up the problem after a month or so :) Many runners don't realize their hip flexors are connected to their lower/mid back, so when that is tight it will usually cause back pain. So that would be the first thing I'd recommend is hip flexor stretching. Hopefully that helped. Let me know if you have any questions :) Best,Shannon Bhatia
So grateful @shannonbhatia! Thank you. I will try that!
Sure thing! :)
Hi, Ellen! Pleasure meeting you as well!Aaaaw...yay! Having the kiddos in front of you and playing with them can make this loads easier!Geez Louise, that sounds like that sucks. So sorry you had that experience. Quick reflection questions that can offer guidance on next steps that feel in alignment with you...- What about that experience with the ortho stuck out to you? - After that, what're you seeing that you'd like to have as support?Answering these questions can help guide you as to who may be more applicable to supporting you when you start looking around. Also, consider someone who practices Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, as well, who may tap into the other aspects that could be playing a role.Tapping into the Holistic PLAY (Potential in Learning About Yourself) aspect, few things that stick out:- While you were running, what was going on during that time? Or around you?- Is there something that you're making decision(s) on where deep within, you have an idea the direction you'd like to go but aren't moving in that direction?- Was there a perceived threat around you or with those you connect with as a "culture" that you may have discovered differing thoughts and opinions and you may be wanting to separate but there's a fear in doing so? Cultures are seen in family, friends, staff, networking groups, wherever...I see it as any sub-group that is connected in some way, shape or form.You mentioned pretty healthy eating and lifestyle and kudos on Being in the form that you'd like to have/see for yourself!Consider that in this new "physical form," there may be new needs. Take a look at your food and what you're eating. Are you really tuning in? Or has it become pretty passive in what you'll be eating? Look at food nourishing you. So you can tune in to your body and ask what does it need for the repair? This may look like different veggies, could even be fish, or even nuts or seeds or even oils. They have their repairing properties to them.There are some herbs that may help (topically and internally.) Some can be customized to you, as well. I use herbalism with peeps, if it seems like they would be helpful. Any others, ask them if they can offer guidance based on what's presenting for YOU vs. a blanket protocol.There's different interpretations based on the which side if the pain is majority or one side than the other, as well. Feel free to reply and I'll be on the lookout if I can further fine tune for you!
@deniceahilton Thanks for hosting the office hour! I've attended one of De'Nicea's workshops and she has really made the space fun, relaxed, and open. It was my first time talking about such serious topics and having so many laughs. Definitely reach out to De'Nicea if you want a less sterile environment when talking about health! I'd love to learn more about playful well-being as an entrepreneur. I am hesitant to accept the "hustle" lifestyle as the default (or even the cool badge) for entrepreneurs. There is definitely a lot of work involved, and sometimes it feels like I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't! Also, would love to know how your podcast guesting strategy!
Podcast guesting strategy tips:- Go in with what you're ADDING to the LISTENERS of the show- Think about this being a date that a bunch of people are listening in on to see if they'd like to meet you: Identify who you'd like to connect with and about what so you're clear on the type(s) of shows you'd like to be on- Have a conversation starter (aka lead magnet) ready to go just in case you may be able to offer that to the host's audience. Do NOT assume they will allow this or want you to do this.- Think about your genuine purpose and passion in what you're doing in your business. Connect with the host and their audience on that. Your business is simply a manifestation of that purpose and passion.- Be creative in sharing who you are and what you do. Sure, you may do digital marketing but dig deeper. What's your story behind that? What makes it so easy for you? Did you happen to fall into it seeing how you helped someone by using social media? Or you realized you love learning about others and helping them shine.- Listen to episodes of the show. Understand their format and the purpose of their show. So that if you cold-pitch, you're clearer. Do NOT pitch to be a guest and they don't have guests on their show!- If you use an agency, interview the agency. Understand their approach. I've seen results of agencies pushing products/services on podcast hosts and it doesn't bode well...and these people are representing you. So hire an agency just as much as you would an employee.Let me know how these work out!
Your point about it being a date is so interesting. Definitely agree, the voice format definitely has something intimate about it! Will work them into my podcast guesting workflow once I'm there. Thank you for sharing!!! Much appreciated
Aaaaw...thank you, Vicky, for the lovely compliment! Was really a pleasure having you join in, too!This is an amazing discovery! The 'hustle' lifestyle is definitely out there and can be tiring. It's often celebrated in the majority of the entrepreneur world as well, which can present conflicts when you're running/leading in your business.Couple of things to Activate PLAY as an Entrepreneur:1) Learn where you naturally shine and flow so easily. Of all the tasks we may do, no doubt you can name what just flows out effortlessly. You light up. You laugh. Feels so fulfilling.This is your predominating archetype showing up! And it feels soooo good to be in that space. Your Spirit's energy will permeate. A way to check if you're Playing with your Spirit well is that you see other things happening that just light you up in OTHER areas of your life. For example, someone just offers a loving compliment or you get a call/text/message from someone that lights you up or an opportunity that you'd been asking about shows up. Physically, you may find that your body is literally moving with more ease. You're pooping every day easily. You're feeling nourished and rested, too.This is also a chance to really learn more about YOURSELF. The more you begin to see the experiences as opportunities for growth, then you are able to move yourself more into spaces that appreciate WHO you are just as much as YOU appreciate who you are.Well-being is a is a journey. So be prepared to be as Present in the journey as possible. Bring some element of Play in daily. Being Present in the day, you may find that one day, you enjoyed a great belly laugh with a friend and another day, you enjoyed painting and another day, you enjoyed sipping tea while looking out the window. Realize it's up to you and you're honoring your cycles. Then you'll see that you're honoring the cycles of your business too. We may do projections based on historical data and then acknowledge the pulse of your market. Do this for yourself. Honor the past yet be in the Present and make adjustments as needed. Offer grace in the journey and laugh along the way!2) What's your celebration style? If you don't have one or hadn't even celebrated anything, here's your chance! Can be something as small as a "just signed on a new client" dance! Or a text to your biz buddy that's a simple emoji that y'all know just what it means. What are you celebrating? Whatever your heart desires! Just be sure to mix it up. Think larger milestones (clients, revenues, completed projects) AND the smaller milestones (stopping 'work' at your agreed upon time, email sequence completed, lovely potential partnership conversation with someone) me, the smaller reeeeeally count because without these, the bigger one wouldn't happen.Also, it's an opportunity to see where you've grown and evolved!Play around with the way you celebrate, too. This is for you so go crazy! (Perhaps even supporting a habit you absolutely, avatar for a game, etc.) Would love to hear what you do!
This is amazing. Thank you for taking the time to share all this De'Nicea!! Definitely need to celebrate when I stop 'work' at my agreed upon time... that hasn't happened in awhile. Thanks for such a good reminder!!
hi, @deniceahilton! Having talked to DeNicea before, I can vouch that she has a such a unique and playful view on health, it was very refreshing as health can be so serious. I love her approach.I'd love to know - what trends are you seeing in this space?- how are 'career-driven' increasingly using holistic health to find balance - for the holistic wellness programs at an organization, what makes an org want to sign up for that, and what makes them not want to sign up for it?
Aaaaw - thank you, Rachel! Our time together was simply beautiful and love what you're creating for the health and wellness space. 1) Trends: more and more people are wanting genuine connections with their providers; they would like to understand proposed treatment plans and protocols; they are really getting wiser to side effects of medications and desiring other approaches FIRST so it would be wise for those practitioners to have resources available to offer patients either through partnerships, collaborations, hiring, etc. There is growing distrust in major organizations such as CDC, WHO and pharmaceutical industry, so be prepared for the patient that has and is doing research. Training on how to communicate with the more informed patient may be needed. Doing so, actually HELPS the patient/practitioner relationship because they're actually acknowledging and honoring the patient's observations of their own body and experience. Also, with rapid changes in treatments, modalities, etc., it might be helpful for practitioners to be open to learning about these. It may take some time to learn something new and at the same time, could be beneficial to the patient.2) More 'career-driven' people are realizing they have put their careers first, when they (the individual) is actually the one performing the tasks and in the role of those positions. So then it gets to a point that they realize how they've put themselves waaaay on the back-burner while trying to still perform to their standards in their career. This is when you see burn-out, anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome, digestive issues, reproductive health issues, headaches, panic attacks, migraines, etc.These types are typically verrrrry driven to the point that when something physical may be calling their attention that they may see it as a challenge to "overcome" or they can just "fight" it.Often times, I see the very same symptoms above as also signs that they're pushing outside of their authentic Self. They get to a point where the career has become them, instead of them working in a career.They may say, "I'm stressed" and need stress management. Their body and mind is stressed, yes. And I'd offer them to explore WHY is it stressed. When moving into approaching their stress (in whatever form) holistically, they realize just how much they is playing a role so they may start with more common/mainstream modalities such as chiropractic care, massage therapy, meditation and yoga. Then will venture into acupuncture and Oriental medicine or herbalism or Shamanism or Theta healing or others.With each phase, they trying to get answers. Answers to why they may be feeling the way they do. So you'll even see an evolution in what modality they get into - they may change modalities completely or learn of differing styles. They start tapping into various ones that'll consider Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical aspects - realizing each are connected and play a role (this is what holistic means.)Ultimately, they're actually adding support that nourishes them seeing the answers within themselves. The outside modalities are TOOLS to be able to guide them.When they begin to feel stronger and more confident in realizing their authentic Self and their own potential, they shift to USING the career as a way to possibly show this part of themselves. It comes out in forms of changing business structures, or even companies or even selling - whatever it is that shifts from career-driven to Self/Spirit/Soul-driven lives.3) For the organizations,What makes them want to sign up:1) If they believe in supporting the individual growth of their staff trusting that by doing so, their people are actually more connected to their role/organization, feel they can be creative, feel safe in their positions, feel less of the type of stress that detrimental to their health2) They have an understanding that their are WHOLE people working there: so they believe providing resources and support that nourishes the Spirit, Mind and Body DESPITE decision-makers or upper management's BELIEFS in these modalities. They understand they don't have to agree with the "packaging" of the support, as long as it uplifts their staff (which will impact their bottom-line.)3) They're listening to what they staff is saying and aren't saying in terms of what they need in their lives. These org's understand staff may spend the majority of their lives within the business and have other roles they play in their lives. There is the overlap that happens that will affect productivity, attendance, creativity, innovation, etc. So they will be aware of what may support their staff's overall life so that when they're working, they're more present and can really offer the best of their talents, skills and gifts (which is why they hired them in the first place!)What makes them not want to sign up:1) Individuals who make the decisions own belief and misunderstandings about holistic wellness. I'd invite them become aware of this and then see their role is for the rest staff and if the staff is looking for this, provide it. It shows you're listening and care about their well-being.2) Thinking their conventional insurance company has these covered, which many don't or are very limited. Have a real understanding of what it is being offered to your staff AND what hoops they may have to jump through to use those benefits. Some aren't aware and some don't feel like jumping through those hoops, yet as an organization you're paying for those. So consider the position of the person on staff to easily be able to get what they need.3) Thinking it's "one more thing" to add or pay for when they're trying to bundle. With conversation, they may find it's worthwhile to supplement what they have due to the long-term and often times more sustaining effects and some holistic programs tend to have more flexibility and ways to open up the potential of their staff where it will show up and pay off in dividends.
Can you talk more about play and how to incorporate play specifically into your life and work?
Ooh, I have all the questions! I'll start with this one: how can someone who is *very* focused and career-driven incorporate more play into their life without feeling like it's something to add to an ever-growing to do list?
For someone who has never thought about holistic anything before, how would you recommend dipping your toes in to learn more about what holistic wellness programs are all about.