Outsourcing app development

Hi, I'm currently modelling my financials for my start-up and was wondering if anyone in this community has experience outsourcing app development to a freelancer or app development agency. If so, how did you estimate the costs of app development? Are these online resources that offer a range of prices based on app functionalities? Or did you reach out to app developers to better understand the financial costs and time required for the project?
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Hey @Tamsin97I would suggest reaching out to app developers to better understand the financial costs and time required for the project.I take outsourcing app development projects, I think discussing with developers going to help more, as they are the one who knows in-depth technicality of the projects.
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Hi, @Tamsin97! I agree with @MonishaSurana on reaching out to devs and firms. Keep in mind that the more developed/documented your ideal features are, the more accurate the estimate will be. If the people you reach out to have lots of experience building the kind of thing you're looking to build, estimates will also be more accurate. If it's net-new, it's going to be much harder to get a realistic sense for potential costs. Location will also have a big impact on numbers. And the numbers you get initially will likely be lower than final costs.I've written about some questions to ask when vetting dev teams on my blog. https://thoughtdistillery.com/technology/vetting-a-software-development-partner-vendor-especially-as-a-non-technical-founder/And I recently came across this post, which is super informative and even more extensive. https://www.ctoasaservice.org/2019/09/13/questions-to-ask-offshore-dev-shops/
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Hey Tamsin,This is a great question. I would be asking developers themselves for some quotes which will give you the best idea.To get a more accurate quote you'll want to do some work to validate your idea and ensure what you are asking for a quote on is really what you want.