Tips/Ideas/Rituals for Everyday Stress Relief

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I've really enjoyed taking time in the morning to make matcha or coffee -- something that has a few steps, is not too complicated and makes me feel like the morning is slow rather than hectic.
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Whenever I need a quick break, I'll play an online game that doesn't take too long like GeoGuessr or Word Master (basically Scrabble) on my phone. It's a nice way to sneak fun in the work day and release some dopamine for instant stress relief.
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Thank you for sharing those super useful tips! I've also added your post to the Health and Wellness community for greater visibility! :-)
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I feel relaxed from decluttering with tasks from kitchen drawers, bookshelf, to photos & contact list on my phone. I also find bakery very meditative, the smell of fresh bakery allows me calm down. I enjoy exploring different healthy ingredients for muffins and waffles..
A good sweat session at the end of the day is so important for me to disconnect. A good workout paired with laying still for 10 minutes or so really helps me decompress.
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Thank you for sharing these tips! I'm trying to be better about really sitting with my favorite moments of the day and fully experiencing them (i.e. my morning coffee, cuddling with my kitten, warm sunshine, etc.). It's so easy to get caught up in the motions and forget to appreciate the little joys.
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Me too! Morning coffee and kitten cuddles as we speak. I'm also finding joy in the messy transitional times, like now due to covid WFH I can spend a quieter morning like this.
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Thanks for the tips! I started meditating a few months ago but haven't been as disciplined with it. It really helped with my anxiety, though, so when things get to feel like they're too much, I burn a little incense and meditate with the Calm app. The combination of the meditation with the aromatherapy does wonders.
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Ooo I'm interested in aromatherapy, do you have recommendations for scents? I'm constantly searching for the ephemeral scent of my pre-covid yoga studio.
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So I've just been using different types of incense lately (burn VERY lightly because that stuff is STRONG!) and then I have my tried and true lavender essential oil. If I start getting too worked up and it's the middle of the day and I can only do a short mediation or take some deep breaths, I dab lavender oil on my wrists and rub it lightly down my neck (kind of like in yoga or a massage). With the incense, I like - my favorite is the "Solar Plexus Chakra Manipura - Power and Self-confidence" one and I've tried a few others too
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Thank you so much!