What's your motivation behind freelance or side hustle work?

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In the beginning of my career, any freelance work I take on served 1 of 2 goals: to make extra income or to expand my portfolio (I'm a designer).Now, any freelance work I take on usually is only around work that I am very passionate about (by topic) or the format of the work is one that really interests me (by medium). A friend of mine also recently switched his mindset around freelance work (he became a full time freelancer some time ago) as a mode of employment that allows him to create a schedule that is flexible enough to take on volunteering work during the week; so, instead of work that provides him meaning, it's the kind of work that it enables that he finds fulfilment from.
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Well, who doesn't love multiple sources of income?😃My motivation is to make extra money from multiple sources and get financial freedom.
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It turns out I’m a generalist with a lot of interests and skills. So aside from my 9 to 5, a career track I’ve been on since getting my bachelor’s degree, I got myself into freelancing to keep myself updated in my other areas of interests, in addition to having a 2nd, 3rd source of income. It keeps me creative, entertained to a certain extent and I learn continuously. And since my hustles are in a different industry, it helps me look at things differently at my full-time. I also think it allows me to make bolder decisions.
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I’ve been a full time freelancer for a long time, in fact I’ve never had a full time traditional “job”. In my case it makes sense (I’m a musician and also teach) but I realized I don’t like hierarchical systems like the corporate world and I prefer working independently. Now I’m planning to do the same as a UX designer. Freelancing gives you flexibility and there’s always possibility for earning more (more and better projects).