Top workplaces for women + 7 insights from the Elpha community

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Thanks so much for this opportunity to contribute to this research! So great to see smaller companies being more friendly towards women than large ones. It's counter-intuitive because FAANG tend to have so many perks & benefits, but ultimately, it's not perks what matters. P.S.:If any other companies are surveying your customers/users/members for similar publicly facing research & trends or internal research, and need help analyzing all the open-ended responses, please reach out to me!
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I love that you've compiled this research and are publishing this. Working in tech can be so incredibly rewarding, and also full of landmines - I experienced both in my 15 year startup career (before going on my own and becoming a coach). Thank you for sharing!
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Insightful report. Found it surprising that FAANG companies had low ratings. Kudos to smaller companies making the workplace a better place for women! Makes me question if company size has got something to do with less women inclusiveness in the workplace. Would the smaller companies making the waves now change when they become bigger?
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Yes good question! I was surprised to see that as a whole smaller companies in rated better than larger ones. I think it's definitely a topic to dig into more.
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I agree!