Another all men interview...

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Did you mean to say, "like you are their mom"? If so, I've been told that before too that I'm everyone's work mom and I think it's an exhaustive and presumptuous expectation in which women are thought of as a perpetual caregiver. Something that makes me hopeful is someone like yourself landing a senior position at companies like these, and in some time perhaps inspiring other women candidates as they get interviewed by none other but you!
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Thank you , yes I agree completely. I keep telling my self it is all worth it if I can make the work plac better for when my daughter joins..
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OMG Adi I am so sorry. Also....SAME! I just had a vc meeting with 2 VCs who I quite liked. And they said "we'll be your big brothers." We're all in our early 50s.I too laughed because I was so confused/infuriated/offended to know what else to do.
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I believe, and hope, that groups like this, where we can support each other are the best way to make a difference.