Nervous to Relaunch My Biz

I'm really nervous to relaunch my business after failing. I was getting a lot of leads before and not converting them. It feels like my content already has more engagement, and I'm really excited about my product, but I'm nervous the same thing is going to happen.

Hi Stephanie! Thank you for sharing. Running a company is both rewarding and nerve-wrecking, I feel you.In your particular case, i'd probably want to reflect on what didn't work out the first time and what you can do yo change that. What does engagement mean to you? Is it having over a certain number of visitors on the site? Or people actively creating account but then tough to have them "swipe the cc" which is the ultimate evidence that "this is working".I assume this is your website? I will state the obvious here and say that this is a competitive space and i think it's super important to be crystal clear on what your value prop is vs other coaching businesses out there. If you want to get new members and customers, you might have to establish some sort of trust eg giving access to free resources (just enough for them to see the value you provide and for anything premium there's a price to pay). If you believe you already have plenty of engagement then I think you could run a survey or something to get feedback from your initial users to see what's preventing them from paying (maybe the price point is currently high for them, maybe they can have access to the same resources that you provide elsewhere and for free, etc) Here's a thread on a slightly similar topic, in case you find some inspo!