Would love to hear thoughts about applying to jobs during holiday season!

April is a crazy month! Many schools and companies across the world take time off due to various holidays. I would love to hear from some people here about how one can advance their career even if it's holiday!

Maybe now is the time to clean up your CV? Perhaps it's a good time to network?

Let me know your thoughts!

TLDR: there is no perfect time to apply to new roles and there's no perfect time to acquire new skills and update CVs etc. :)There's never a better time to apply for a new role in my opinion (except perhaps in December)! The older we get, the more responsibilities there are so there will always be something coming up. My own way of doing it is: I am always thinking about I can beef up my skills, check my CV, especially after major accomplishments I want to showcase, and I am always networking (regardless of how i feel about my job because to me it is very important to know what's happening in the market and stay competitive).
Totally agree with this! Also, as a recruiter, sometimes high-priority roles do come up during holiday times and since we get less applicants, maybe it would be beneficial to put your name in for the role. The interview processes tend to be a little more drawn out in December of course but every company I have worked for is still hiring during those times! As far as career development, unless you need a holiday yourself (take that break!!) this seems like a great time to up-skill yourself! Best of luck!!
Hi @dominiquezeelen , This blog may help --'m Rachel, a Career Coach ( and I'd be happy to chat on a coaching call if you'd like --