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We are looking for Female Founders and Female Investors to be guests on our podcast The Wild Feather. The Wild Feather is on a mission to inspire, impact and support others through the journeys of Female Founders and Investors. If you are interested in being a guest, you can message me or comment on the post. www.thewildfeatherpodcast.com

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Love this as a woman VC investor! CCing @ShreyaBakliwal who is running a very similar initiaitve out of India and launching the 2nd season - though I believe she focuses on tech founders and tech VCs (Shreya, please correct me if I am wrong)
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Thanks @iynna. I will reach out to @ShreyaBakliwal.
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Thanks for reaching out! I'm a female founder just before launch of a company and community for women training leadership in the Metaverse through gaming and immersive experiences. Let me know if you think it might fit ([email protected]).
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Hi Luise, thanks for your interest. I just sent you an email.
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Hi @brookedunwell - your podcast looks wonderful, I'm excited to give it a listen. I'm a new founder (culture-focused consultancy) and I have a couple of female founder clients. Would love to connect. [email protected]
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Hi Grace, thank you for responding and having a listen. I just sent you an email.
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Hi @brookedunwell,I am a female founder. My company is Curly Contessa. We are an online home goods and giftware shop. Our products reflect positive self image while celebrating Black women. Curly Contessa’s collection includes drinkware, kitchen, apparel and so much more. I would love to chat with you about your podcast.
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Thank you @biancaascolese I reached out to both. :)
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@brookedunwell what a great podcast! Im working for LEVY Health - with an all-female founders team. We innovating in the fertility space to empower women to decode their fertility. Would love to connect: [email protected]
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Thank you @gloriabozyigit I just sent you an email.