What is the best way to measure developer productivity in 2022?

Most developers might have come across the core Accelerate Metrics:

📈 Deployment Frequency

🚀 Lead time for changes

🎯 Change Failure Rate

⏳ Time to Restore services

However, these metrics are only part of the picture.

Nicole Forsgren from Github recognises the need for Collaboration and Wellbeing to become part of the standard way in which elite developer teams quantify good performance.

Do you agree?

We have been measuring how we work together as a team by looking at things like how much Focus Time we get on average as well as how often we are collaborating well.

We are at the moment steadily increasing our delivery pace by 50% each sprint.

What are your best developer productivity hacks?

We have written a fuller piece on how this works for us:

Very nice blog post!! I have bookmarked it. Hope to come back and share it with my work folks.