What can Slack tell me about my #developer team's culture?

What can Slack tell me about my #developer team's culture?Surprisingly, a lot!At we analysed data in 35,000 developer datasets from GitLabGitHubSlack and Google Calendar. Here are some findings:The vast majority of messages will always be Direct messages to colleagues and that's normal. When the ratio of public vs private messages falls below 10% this can create a number of issues📃 More need for documentation. If solutions are not being shared openly in a searchable environment like Slack, it means you will need to formally document more.🤗 Culture of safety. If developers are not feeling confident enough to raise challenges or solutions publicly are you seeing the effects somewhere else, for example overall code quality?🔎 Visibility. Are the engineering leaders leading by example by being visible across the team and / or the organisation?Some of the best performing teams we see either:Have a higher public vs private message ratio than 10%orAre actively working to increase it

This sounds like it could be true across any team culture. Thanks for sharing!
Wow! This makes so much sense! Thank you for sharing 🙏🏼