Engineering managers have it easy, right?

Engineering managers have it easy, right?

Well it turns out they are some of the hardest working engineers, at least in early stage #startups.

At Adadot we analysed data in 38,000 developer datasets from GitLabGitHub, @Slack and Google Calendar.

As far as activity goes they commit 10x times more often and volume wise 50% more than juniors. Is this the true measure of a #developer? Of course not!

More importantly they are very present in collaboration activities sending over 100x more messages than non-managers.

Become a manager they said...

It will be fun they said...

Fascinating! Your title definitely caught my attention as a former engineering manager. Any suggestions for EMs on how to make things better? For myself I ended up career switching! Taking the best parts of being an EM (mentorship, growing someone's career) and am now a coach for women in tech.
@sarahing coaching is a great part of it! In a follow up point we saw that a key thing for the manager is to participate in the mission and vision for the company. A sense of purpose is one of the greatest alleviators of burn out. Further to that the reason they are working much longer hours is the need to be present and visible in collaboration activities. Here is where the focus is key. Selecting the meetings that matter. Delegate or cancel those that you dont need to attend.