Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

We have a dynamic and great CFO opportunity with a high-growth recreational game company that was featured on Shark Tank.

US Based - Remote (prefer Eastern or Central time zones)


Desire and Passion to build something unique and special

Willing to challenge values and status quo

Experience with significant company growth and growth challenges

Experience with Diverse Channels: Ecommerce, Retailers, Amazon

Communicate with examples of previous experience

Collaborator & Team Player

Servant Based Leadership

***Experience with a consumer product company

Experience working in companies of a 100M-$200M in revenue

**nternational Experience is a Must

Educator & Communicator "How" & "Why"

Idea Generator: Creative & Out of the Box Thinker

Autonomy Independent = succeed without needing a lot of attention and time

Long-term minded approach

Experience Building and Managing teams

A Doer

Fantastic Excel skills

Easy Going – Flexible

Experience building formal budget process

Experience building a process to manage to the budget


Build long term and 3-5yr strategic plan

Build something unique and special

Create a financial strategy

Define and prioritize channels of importance & profitable

Find, create and implement company efficiencies

Train, coach, and develop team members

Create Transparency with employees

Create, Define and Implement Clean Metrics

Define Top line and Bottom line goal

Build a team

Create Strategies to help employees build wealth

Challenge Status Quo: Challenge values

Help create a strategy with Marketing to increase company website revenue from 5% to 25%

Handle and execute heavy analysis and modeling


HQ in Chicago but everyone is remote

Currently at $45M in revenue

10-15% growth in 2021

95% growth in 2020

Contact me at [email protected] if interested