Front-end Software Engineer Job Seeker!

Hi Elpha members!

My name is Sara Hutchinson, a software engineer from the Greater Boston area (MA). I recently graduated from General Assembly's Software Engineering Immersive program, which was the most challenging yet rewarding experience ever. I enjoy solving real-world problems and being able to learn new tech every day! I am currently job seeking for a front-end development role, either in Boston or remotely! If anyone knows of any resources to check out, any advice about job hunting as a woman in tech, or have any leads, please let me know! I look forward to any people I get to meet during this process :)

- Sara H.

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Hi Sara! Congrats on graduating from your program!! I know a few folks who have made the transition into software engineering by completing a bootcamp--it's a lot of work, and you should be seriously proud of yourself!For finding your a full-time role, I know there are a bunch of articles online about steps you can take to increase your changes of success, like this one: I think the major pieces of advice I can think of off the top of my head are - join communities for women (like Elpha! and Tech Ladies, Girls in Tech, Women Who Code, etc.)--a lot of hiring managers are in these communities, and companies will post opportunities on these orgs' job boards- keep your skills fresh by continuing to work on side projects, especially if you're working with a group; hiring managers love to see collaboration- add more skills (like languages) as much as you can- don't get discouraged; you may have to apply to dozens (or more) jobsYou may also want to consider finding a mentor or someone who can help you with mock interviews, provide resume feedback, and general support/advice during the job search. Finding a mentor can be seem impossible, but I know a lot of people (including myself) who have really benefitted from meeting with a mentor, either once or ongoing. This article has some tips and tricks for finding a mentor: these help, and best of luck on your search!
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Hi Rachel! Thank you so much! It was super challenging but one of the most rewarding experiences. Thank you for the advice! I will check out those other women communities, that's seriously so helpful! As well as the helpful article :) I've been continuing with coding challenges every day and want to start a new project soon utilizing my favorite tech from the program!