Seeking Co-Founder for women's sexual health marketplace

Hi Humans, I previously used to work at Dame Products in product marketing, product development, and product strategy. Prior to that, I ran a startup studio backed by a family office with a focus on health, wellness, and beauty. Before Rhizome Ventures, I started a blog, Radiche which featured over 150+ consumer-facing founders to humanize their business journey and share advice with the next generation of entrepreneurs. I also angel invest. I am now in stealth mode, working on Rythm. Rythm syncs sex, period, and vaginal care into a vetted marketplace, built for women. We offer a guided experience to tune in to a woman’s pleasure journey and meet her where she is. Currently looking for a co-founder (human with a background in operations/finance, digital product and or growth marketer) if you know anyone who might be interested.

If interested please DM me at [email protected]