Excited to be here!!

Hi, I’m Mayali Nelson, I’ve been in operations and commercial banking for 2 years where I lead a team of 15 people to a top 5% rating for excellent customer service and operations. I’m excited to take those skills and pivot into a project manager role in health tech where I can continue increasing production while making health more equitable. I would love to connect with anyone for a brief chat about their journey into project management especially in the health tech space.

Please feel free to DM me or connect with me on LinkedIn,

Welcome to Elpha! Since you're looking into the health tech space, you may want to see if there's anyone from these communities who you want to connect with via their posts!
Thank you!
Welcome on Elpha, Mayali!Also @charz is hiring at her company (not a project manager but might be worth connecting)
Thank you @iynna for the information I will connect with @charz!