#opportunity to chat with an excited and experienced project lead

Hello all!

My name is Mayali Nelson and I am 9 months into my job search. I have 3 years of experience managing and implementing projects. I directed a continuous planning project using agile methodologies, while reengineering the process by building and consulting on a scheduling tool that reducing time spent planning by 95% while removing 100% of possible errors. I've spent the last few months upskilling and understanding my transferable skills and I'm ready for my next opportunity.

I am interested in taking my desire to learn and excitment for growth to a company that loves #transferableskills! I have a degree in microbiology and passion for improving health options through technology.

Looking forward to chat and I'm very active on LinkedIn so feel free to connect!

Hi Mayali!It's nice to have you here. If you're interested take a look at the project manager (or similar) roles that our partner companies are currently hiring for :)
Hello, thank you for the resource!